The City of London has been working on a Bus Rapid Transit plan for nearly a decade, meant to advance the city's transportation future and make it easier for Londoners to get around. It is the largest transit project in the city's history.


In May of 2018, I was hired as a Communications Intern, where I took charge of designing most visual assets for the project. This involved print design, motion graphics, social media advertisements and project merchandise, among other things. All creations had to blend with the project's existing branding, but also innovate it to a more modern look.

City of London

Bus Shelter Ad

An advertisement distributed via Outfront Media bus shelters throughout London, reaching an audience of over 300 000 people. 

Transit Tuesday Poster

A poster advertising public consultations regarding the BRT project. Meant to conform to existing brand standards, while modernizing outdated design.

Neighbourhood Poster

A poster featuring some of the most prominent neighbourhoods in London, Ontario. 

Neighbourhood Totes

Tote bags featuring the names of neighbourhoods in London, Ontario. Intended for the promotion of the BRT project. 

Motion Design

A moving infographic designed to explain the current stage of the BRT process. 

Motion Design

Bookend graphics to be used for official City of London videography. 

Other work produced for City of London


A photoshoot to promote the BRT project, working in conjunction with the London Transit Commission.

Transit Tuesday Radio Ad - Sarah McNeil
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Radio Advertisement

A radio advertisement aired on London, Ontario radio channels, meant to promote Transit Tuesday consultations.

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